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Bazefield software is the most flexible and scalable off-the-shelf system in the market. The system is in use in 23 countries globally by notable clients such as EDF Luminus, ConEdison, ReNew Power, Brookfield Renewables, Equinor, among many others, servicing many hundred renewable energy sites and more than 20 GW installed capacity on a daily basis.

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About Bazefield

Bazefield AS is a software product company headquartered in Norway. The company has its roots back to 1991 as CARDIAC AS, with core competence in industrial IT solutions and communication. Baze Technology were demerged out of the company in 2008, immediately putting in place a clear and very successful product strategy based on turning the well-proven and robust Bazefield data platform into off-the-shelf offering in selected businesses. It’s industry-leading product, Bazefield as an OEM independent operation management system for renewable energy, that provides tools for real-time monitoring, reporting, availability planning, stop and loss analysis and fact-based decision.

The company was further demerged to Bazefield AS in 2016 to further strengthen our strong growth and marked position in this business.

Bazefield's goal is to be the best global product supplier for operations management software within wind power. We put a lot of investments, efforts and passion into reaching this vision.


As part of demerger of the Bazefield business from former Baze Technology in 2016, Envision Energy, one of the world’s leading renewable energy and technology companies came onboard with new ownership to fuel the company growth.

Bazefield is at the cutting edge of energy system management and provides renewable energy management technology, said Felix Zhang, Envision executive director. The acquisition will provide the resources and support for Bazefield to further develop its leading edge innovative technology and provides better products and services to its global clients. The synergies and complementary technologies between Envision and Bazefield will create a partnership that will drive forward growth and innovation for both companies.

According to Zhang, the digital energy technology market is at an early stage of development, and is fragmented and geographically diverse. At this stage of the market’s development, innovation and growth requires more partnerships and greater cooperation, he said. The independence of Bazefield is key to achieving those goals.