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Bazefield receives ISO/IEC 27001 certification

With the recent cyber-attacks such as Solarwinds, Colonial Pipeline and JBS meats it is becoming apparent that all companies need to do more to protect customers and company information.

Bazefield is deeply committed to the security of our customers data therefore Bazefield decided to become ISO/IEC 27001 certified to demonstrate that we have identified risks, assessed implications, and put in place systematic controls to limit any damage to our organisation and to our customers data. With the ISO/IEC  27001 certification we have implemented a comprehensive set of standard requirements for our Information Security Management System (ISMS). These standards are designed to adopt a process that relies on establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving our ISMS.

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German Trianel Onshore Windkraftwerke choose Bazefield as their Asset Management Software

Trianel Onshore Windkraftwerke GmbH & Co. KG (TOW) have contracted Bazefield as Asset Management Software for currently 37 wind and 15 solar sites in Germany with a total capacity for 601 MW onshore, which is currently under their operation for the Trianel Network. The system shall support digitization of their operations and asset management. The system shall be fully rolled out within Q4 this year.  

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From the Ground Up: Real Time Monitoring and Event Management

In our previous articles and video series, we covered the challenges organizations face during the implementation of operations management software, and the problems caused by improper data integration.  Too often, organizations get wooed by fancy marketing, reports, and data visualizations, and fail to focus on the foundational issue behind it all:  the robustness and methodology behind data integration.  If you don’t start with integrating the correct data from the correct sources, your reports will never be right.  That being said, let’s say you’ve solved the data integration problem (or you’ve just bought Bazefield, and you’re going to let us fix it for you). 


What’s next? 

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Bazefield committed to net-zero emission by Installing solar at HQ

Bazefield have been helping their clients reducing CO2 emissions equivalent to more than a million-ton through increased efficiency of their renewable generation’s plants. Bazefield have now taken it upon themselves to commit 100% to a net-zero emission future. In addition to Bazefields already remarkable 98 % green renewable energy supply, Bazefields HQ's entire roof will be covered with solar panels that will produce an estimated 64,000 KWh a year. This output will power Bazefields servers, charge employees’ electric cars and much more.

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Bazefield selected by Oak Creek De Mexico as its Renewable Energy Operational management software

Oak Creek Energy (OCES) has been developing renewable energy projects since 1982. Based in San Diego, CA and with presence in USA, Mexico and Colombia, OCES and its subsidiary companies offer comprehensive guidance and solutions, including Development, Construction and Asset Management services for renewable energy projects. 

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User Adoption: Keys to Enterprise SaaS Value

Implementing new software can be as easy as downloading an app on your phone. What gives with Enterprise Software? Why does it seem like great software ideas die on the vine or get underutilized?

Of course, its easy to toss one of these diagrams up and call it a day. Have a solid product, know how to get the data you need to make it work. Maybe a couple of nice bubbles steps you need to go through before its saving your company millions if not billions, right?

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Re: Help, My Report Is Broken

Asset Manager:    My report’s wrong, can you fix it please? 

Engineer:                I see we missed a lot of data this month.  IT, what is going on?

IT :                           Auto-Reply:  I’ll be out of the office until further notice.  Please 

submit a ticket or call one of my 12 immediate managers for 


Asset Manager:      For the love of God, can someone just quickly pull the data for me.  

This report is due to our investors by Friday.

Engineer:                 Sure, let me just…. ,. 


Some_ideal_clean_and_pristine.table_that_you_think_exists WHERE Data = Good


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Go Long on Data

In our previous article (read here), I have to admit, I went on a little bit of a rant.  10 months straight working from home can make you a little cranky.  My main thesis was that there has been an unfortunate trend in renewables to produce and market software that, to put it so bluntly, doesn’t actually do anything useful.   As a result, organizations have prioritized accumulating software with lots of marketing promises and buzzwords over truly adopting software that actually works. In reddit-speak, it’s akin to YOLOing and buying 10,000 Dogecoins instead of one tried and true share of Tesla**

Fun? Definitely. Strategy for success? Probably not.*  

*Disclaimer: Author owned interest in $12.84 of Dogecoin at the time this article was written*

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I’m sick of Reading Linkedin Articles about Renewables Data

Seriously. The next article I open with some PhD turned business developer telling me how “next generation AI can optimize my operations,” I’m going to throw my keyboard across the room..  In fact, I’m going to instantly down vote any renewables article whose title contains one or more of the following phrases:

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New gold standard solar monitoring and analytics offering and ground-breaking 2nd level SCADA solution for SSE Renewables

The gold standard for solar are helping our clients increase overall profitability of their renewable assets - Bazefield is closing in on 40 GW of installed solar and wind capacity with record breaking sales of our new gold standard solar monitoring and analytics solution to leading firms such as EDF Renewables, BayWa r.e., Excelsior Energy Capital, and others. In addition, Bazefield has reached agreement to provide second level SCADA solutions for SSE’s 4.7 GW portfolio of onshore and offshore wind assets.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's annual user forum, BazeCamp, will be held virtually. Nevertheless we expect an all-time high with respect to the number of attending delegates. In lieu of getting together physically, this year’s BazeCamp user forum will feature a variety of highly topical webinars, solution demonstrations, and downloadable content, that Bazefield customers will be able to access easily from wherever they may be physically located.

Groundbreaking 4,7 GW 2nd level SCADA contract with SSE Renewables

SSE Renewables awarded Bazefield the second level SCADA contract for their 4.7 GW wind power portfolio sites. The contract includes control room solution for their current 57 on- and offshore wind farms and 4670 MW capacity. The system will support monitoring and control capabilities from their OT environment. Furthermore all users in the IT environment are going to use the system for visualizations, performance analytics, reporting and more.

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