Why Bazefield

Using the EnOS Bazefield renewables management software will assist you in achieving increased profitability improvements of your assets whether it is reduced downtime and improved availability or increased efficiency of assets. Other areas of improvements are increased negotiation power in order to challenge OEM's, better quality and reduced time spent on management reports and overall reduced resource usage for daily task when managing larger portfolios. In addition, increased confidence for all stakeholders, independent benchmarks and analysis, and the possibility increase energy value is proven effects.


Reduced downtime

With EnOS Bazefield renewables management system, you will get notified of the underperforming "needle in the haystack", eliminating time spent on assets health check, within proprietary clunky OEM issued software system to focus your time on taking actions on stopped events to improve your overall availability.

Efficient operations

Increase the overall efficiency of your operation with EnOS Bazefield integrating all people in common workflows by including all stakeholders from operators to owners in one platform. All your data will be in one place making it simple to retrieve all information required for operations, analytics and generate standardized reports across the fleet.

Increased efficiency

EnOS Bazefield encourages you to leave excel behind to increase overall efficiency even when you try to detect abnormalities or sudden unexpected changes in your performance. The system makes it possible to quickly detect underperformance or deploy rules across your fleet for notification when you are experiencing an underperformance issue.

Increase energy value

Increase confidence for all stakeholders due to structured approach on asset management and data management, including independent benchmarks and analysis. This also includes the possibility to sell or refinance existing assets at higher prices due to reduction of buyer risk. By managing your forecast and production plans in EnOS Bazefield, you can further increase energy value.


*How we calculate the reduction in CO2 Emissions related to increased profitability

The estimated CO2 reductions related to increased profitability by use of EnOS Bazefield is based on our current and historical deployed portfolio since 2009, with a conservative average Capacity Factor of 30%. Analysing the CO2 reductions per country and region globally, 300 ton per GWh used for the real-time estimate calculation, still as conservative estimate. Finally, EnOS Bazefield users have recognized significant profitability improvements including reduced downtime and increased efficiency of assets through data analysis and improvements and operation support.

The increased energy output has also lead to increasing equity IRR and reduced risk, and has been a significant contribution to accelerated renewable investments by our customers. Customers own ROI analysis have concluded such improvements in the range 0.5 % to over 5 %. Based on a range of these analysis we have used 2 % as a qualified estimate for average for the portfolio for the profitability improvements overall. For the price estimate an average of €50 per MWh is used as an overall energy value. 

Introduction video

Increasing profitability of your assets with EnOS Bazefield

Let lead solution architect Brad Johnson give you a 15-minute crash course on how EnOS Bazefield is utilized to increase profitability of your assets.

The market leading EnOS Bazefield operations management system is a comprehensive, technology-agnostic software platform designed to reduce plant downtime, increase runtime efficiency, and strengthen users’ negotiation power with vendors and suppliers alike. Through the implementation of a centralized, scalable data historian and smart, event-driven algorithms, the typical expenses associated with data management and reporting are reduced substantially. This allows investors, asset managers, and operators for any type of renewable asset to focus their efforts on addressing root cause issues, as opposed to cleaning and manipulating data. For more information, Lead Solution Architect Brad Johnson introduces you to the unique aspects of the EnOS Bazefield system in a 15-minute crash course here.