Bazefield opens North American office in San Diego

With Bazefield’ s growth in the North American market, it has become crucial to open an US entity to support and drive new growth says Bazefield CEO Sigurd Juvik, it has all along been part of the company’s global growth strategy to open up a US based office once we have customers onboard to support.

With the robustness and scalability of the Bazefield platform, we recognize strong product fit for the North American market, which in general include larger facilities and portfolios. We are offering an all-inclusive service to the North America market with turn-key delivery and a choice between an in-house installations or cloud services, which includes all project services, software operations, maintenance and 24/7 support.

New gold standard solar monitoring and analytics offering and ground-breaking 2nd level SCADA solution for SSE Renewables

The gold standard for solar are helping our clients increase overall profitability of their renewable assets - Bazefield is closing in on 40 GW of installed solar and wind capacity with record breaking sales of our new gold standard solar monitoring and analytics solution to leading firms such as EDF Renewables, BayWa r.e., Excelsior Energy Capital, and others. In addition, Bazefield has reached agreement to provide second level SCADA solutions for SSE’s 4.7 GW portfolio of onshore and offshore wind assets.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's annual user forum, BazeCamp, will be held virtually. Nevertheless we expect an all-time high with respect to the number of attending delegates. In lieu of getting together physically, this year’s BazeCamp user forum will feature a variety of highly topical webinars, solution demonstrations, and downloadable content, that Bazefield customers will be able to access easily from wherever they may be physically located.

Groundbreaking 4,7 GW 2nd level SCADA contract with SSE Renewables

SSE Renewables awarded Bazefield the second level SCADA contract for their 4.7 GW wind power portfolio sites. The contract includes control room solution for their current 57 on- and offshore wind farms and 4670 MW capacity. The system will support monitoring and control capabilities from their OT environment. Furthermore all users in the IT environment are going to use the system for visualizations, performance analytics, reporting and more.

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EDF Renewables has selected Bazefield to support their 3rd party O&M operations across North America

EDF Renewables has selected Bazefield to support their 3rd party O&M operations across North America. By bringing a modern, technology-agnostic approach to solar data management with emphasis on performance analytics. The Bazefield platform are being used by EDF Renewables in their remote operations center and by project stakeholders to monitor plant performance and availability. EDFs technical services team also leverages Bazefield for data analysis, automated fault detection and reporting.

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BazeCamp Europe will be held be held digitally on Tuesday 24th November

As we all are affected by the Covid-19, this year's annual user forum for Europe, BazeCamp, will be held digitally on Tuesday, 24th November. The program will include same topics as earlier successful BazeCamps with full Bazefield 9 release presentation, exciting presentations from SSE and other Bazefield users, comprehensive roadmap workshops and more! The event will also be followed by a free super user refresh training and certification on Wednesday 25th November. 

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Celebrating 30 GW of wind and solar managed by the Bazefield software 

Bazefield continued its strong growth across the wind and solar industries in 2019, onboarding notable clients including SSE Renewables, Akuo Energy, SprngEnergy and several others. The market-leading product, Bazefield, now monitors 30 GW of assets across 25 countries in Europe, North America, South America and India. See more up to date news and read about some of our disclosed clients.

SSE Renewables choose Bazefield as their onshore wind control room solution

SSE Renewables have contracted Bazefield for control room solution for 21 onshore wind farms and 690 MW total installed capacity. The system shall support reset and restart of the turbines, including operator support based on predominant alarm detection. It is a prioritized, fast track project that will be operation by the end of Q1.

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Envision Digital’s first Bazefield project delivered to Algonquin Power
The 1.2 GW wind portfolio of Canadian Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp (APUC) is the first larger client where Envision Digital implemented Bazefield after Bazefield became part of the Envision Digital product offering. The successful implementation at Algonquin Power is fully integrated with Envision Digital’s AI based Ensight Advanced Analytics software.

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Surpassed 25 GW of wind and solar managed by the Bazefield software

Bazefield have had a very strong growth in the wind and solar domain. The market-leading product, Bazefield, currently manages 25 GW on installations across 23 countries. This includes sites in Europe, North- and South America and Asia.

The system is in use by a range of notable clients such as EDF Luminus, ReNew, Brookfield Renewables, ConEdison, Equinor, within a range of others clients. Bazefield is the state-of-the-art product when digitalizing renewable energy O&M.

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ReNew Power contract secures successful entry for 3E and Bazefield in the Indian market

3E and Bazefield have collaborated with ReNew Power for digitalizing O&M for ReNew's 4,100 MW utility scale wind and solar energy portfolio.
Bazefield entered the very prosperous Indian renewable energy market in 2018.

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EDF Luminus choose Bazefield as their new Wind Monitoring Tool

Bazefield has contracted notable EDF Luminus for implementing Bazefield as their new Wind Monitoring Tool for their for their 64-site wind power portfolio.
EDF Luminus is a major player in the Belgian market.

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Portland General Electric Partners with Bazefield for Operational Management system

Adding Portland General Electric (PGE) into the Bazefield system, strengthening our position in the North America market. The contract with PGE is for Biglow Canyon and Tucannon River wind farms for a combined capacity of 717 MW. “We have added a lot of investment and efforts into the North American market with our new office in San Diego, and the Portland General Electric contract is important to secure our US position and growth”, says Peter Hansen, Head of Bazefield Americas.

3E and Bazefield is jointly delivering an operations management system to Luxemburg utility Enovos’ portfolio of more than 300 MW of wind, solar, hydro and biogas.

n order to streamline its operations, Enovos has tendered a software solution that allows performance optimization and reporting, document and contract management, integration in direct market and financial reporting processes. Bazefield and 3E has been selected as the most comprehensive software platform to provide this functionality for the 4 different renewable energy technologies under asset management.

René Jost, CEO of Enovos, says, “This is the best software solution on the market to meet up to our high requirements for integration. The support of the experts of 3E and Bazefield will allow us to integrate our business processes for optimized asset operation.”

Adding the 402 MW Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm in UK, Equinor now manage more than 700 MW offshore wind power in Bazefield

By already supporting the 317 MW large Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm and the Hywind floating turbine projects in Equinor, their portfolio of wind power managed in Bazefield now peaks over 700 MW offshore wind power with the added Dudgeon project.

Supporting other large offshore wind clients in UK, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, more than 2,5 GW offshore wind power are managed in the Bazefield operations management system.

Strong US position

Portland General Electric adds 717 MW into the Bazefield system, securing Bazefield a strong position in the North America market. The contract with PGE is for Biglow Canyon and Tucannon River wind farms.

Advanced analytics tools and in-memory big data analytics platforms support in Bazefield

Besides the strong availability and performance analytics Apps in Bazefield, the powerful data engine in the system is a big data platform itself. With full data transparency, use of open interface standards, combined with the Software Development Kit (SDK) supporting open Application Programing Interfaces (APIs), a wide range of options for utilizing advanced analytics tools and in-memory big data analytics is supported. Our partners and clients have utilized a range of such advanced analytics and big data tools with Bazefield.

Bazefield will also start offering build in advanced wind farm analytics fully integrated with Bazefield as the big data platform. Contact us for more information around support for advanced analytics and in-memory big data analytics.